Yoga at Harmony Farm (excerpt from Harmony Farm Newsletter April 2015)

We began a journey to practice yoga at Harmony Farm approximately one year ago. We have Chaturanga-ed (Crocodile Pose) through all the seasons. As the temperatures cooled, the wild turkeys caught our attention walking single-file in the distance. During the summer months we posed in front of the bank of windows overlooking the pond and woods, while the cows grazed in the meadow. The long winter didn’t seem as long when the pristine snow covered the grounds and we focused on our Pranayama (Breath work). Our Vrksasana (Tree Pose) has blossomed at Discovery surrounded by the works of local artists. Last summer we were serenaded on the labyrinth by a very talented yogini and her inspiring Native American flute. The southwest-inspired architecture of Barbara’s home is a clear reminder of our connection to Mother Earth each time we ground ourselves in Tadasana (Mountain Pose).

The class intentions have guided us to look at other limbs of our yoga practice. We delved Yinto experiencing our chakras through colors, essential oils, meditation, and our asana practice. Singing bowls raised our vibration and cleansed our koshas. We were guided by Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras to take our practice off the mat and into our daily lives. Our understanding of Mantras (Affirmations) and Mudras (hand positions) has enhanced and deepened the benefits of our Savasana (Final Relaxation/Meditation).

We laughed when our tongues were twisted pronouncing the poses in Sanskrit. We cried as we released blockages. We shared our experiences away from the mat. We grew as the lotus, up from the muddy waters to blossom on the surface, petals opening and strengthening. We connected bodies, minds, and spirits.

Now, as the grounds begin to green we will move through the cycles with the Earth, with each other, shedding thoughts, emotions, and practices that no longer serve us.




I am the master of my thoughts.

What I think, I bring into existence.

Worrying affects me physically.

I was hoping to lose a few pounds before the holidays, but I am healthy and strong. My shoulder is not 100% after surgery a year ago. But with exercise, I have hope that I will eventually gain full mobility again. As I look in the mirror, I need my glasses to see all the wrinkles on my face. So, I take off the glasses and tell myself, if I smile no one will notice the wrinkles.



Be still.

Someone smiles at me, I feel good. I smile back, I feel even better. Remember to smile.

I inhale deeply (filling the belly I’m always trying to hold in), then exhale, releasing all the air out of my lungs – along with all the stuff I don’t need any more. Whew! I feel lighter.

Shut off the TV. Find a special space. I let go of my thoughts. Just be.

My intention: Be good. Do Good.

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