Meditation Challenge

30 11 2011

Many years ago, I was experiencing health problems and wanted to empower myself to do all I could to boost my chances through recovery and the rest of my life. Physically, I changed my diet and began my gradual path to veganism. Mentally, I dove into meditation. It became a half hour of my day that was as routine as feeding my then two and six-year-olds. I was mentally stronger, more positive, and calmer than I have every been in my life. As I grew stronger, I felt I needed to push my exercise routine in a new direction and decided I could run. Where I came up with that idea, I have no idea. I think I finally realized I didn’t need to live the rest of my life as that little fat girl. (Yes, I can say fat, because I was fat!) I believe meditation helped me come to this epiphany.

Well, as I became healthier and physically stronger, the kids started school and activities, and my meditation routine suffered. Attempts were made to work it into my day, but there was always something more urgent that needed my attention. Let’s jump forward a few years (20!) and I am still struggling to make meditation a part of my daily life.

I have heard you can make anything a habit, if you commit to doing it for 21 consecutive days. So, I am commiting to meditating at least 10 minutes a day everyday the month of December. I know it can transform my thinking, which will affect all other aspects of my life.

Are you willing to try it with me? Sit in a chair with your feet flat on the floor, hands in your lap, palms up. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breath. Just think about the inhale and the exhale. Other thoughts will come into your mind. Acknowledge them, then release them and come back to the breath.

Our lives are so busy, but surely we can find 10 minutes to just “be”. This may be the hardest exercise to attempt!



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