7 12 2011

How can I think about simplicity after John, Betsy, and I just returned from a Christmas shopping trip in Chicago? We had a blast! John and I had not been to Chicago in over 25 years. This was Betsy’s first visit. The decorations were beautiful and the weather was unseasonably nice. We walked, ate, and shopped enough to fill the empty suitcase we brought with us, just in case. 🙂

Chicago, December 2011

We didn’t “need” anything we bought. So, my ongoing dilemma with stuff continues. I walk through our spare bedroom with blinders to avoid dealing with the things I have stored in there and am afraid to get rid of. One of us may need it.

Aparigraha is one of the yoga guidelines for how we interact with the outer world. Aparigraha is the non-accumulation of worldly objects, caused by covetousness and attachment. Obviously, I need to work on this guideline.


1) After Christmas, I will give away something for each gift I receive.

2) I will keep an empty box in the spare bedroom to put in anything I come across that I no longer use, need, or want. When it is full, the box will be given to charity and replaced with another empty one to fill.

Consume less, live more. I am hopeful, as I work through this process, that having less will clear my mind and open my life to new opportunities just waiting to happen!




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