Plastic makes me uncomfortable

21 02 2012

I have a problem with plastic. Some plastic is safe, others are not. I know there are symbols on the containers to indicate the various types of plastic. But, I am to the point where all plastic bothers me.

My Plastic Drawer

I have so many plastic food containers that I am afraid to put food in, so I use them for paper clips, hair ties, etc. I do try to reuse them, whenever possible. But, my stash of containers is multiplying. The idea of throwing them all away eats at me. What am I doing to the environment? Could I repurpose all of them?

Below are a few of my plastic dos and don’ts.

* I don’t microwave in it or put it in the dishwasher, even it is supposed to be safe.

* I do store food in it, but am moving towards using only glass containers.

* Any plastic that comes into contact with food is washed by hand. I wash my plastic protein shakers and plastic blender by hand everyday.

* I collect most of the Wal-Mart, Meijer, Target plastic bags and return to plastic bag recycling bins at Wal-Mart.

* I shop most of the time with reusable shopping bags, so I do not have so many bags to recycle.

* I reuse plastic containers from food items for other items: paper clips, hair clips, coins, etc.

Did you know that small animals and fish can get caught in these bags and die when they have not been properly disposed of or recycled? I cannot stand the thought of an innocent animal being trapped inside a plastic bag unable to escape.

* I tie knots in all plastic bags that I do not reuse: Wal-Mart bags, newspaper bags, etc.

* I cut all cereal and snack bags from top to bottom before throwing away.

* I cut through any plastic circle from bottle carriers. Animals can get caught in these, also.

* I cut through the plastic air pillows used to cushion items when shipped in boxes.

Plastic Shipping Pillows

Help! How do you feel about plastic? What do you do with all the plastic containers?





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