Meditation Pillow

1 03 2012

Aaaaaa…I love my new meditation pillow. My hips love my new pillow. It is filled with buckwheat, which makes all the difference. I do not have all the details, but know it was made in Africa by women learning to sell their wares in an effort support themselves. I don’t normally think about the people that make my shoes or pick my food, but this pillow makes me more aware of how small the world is and how we are all connected.

Buckwheat Meditation Pillow

But, back to the pillow. I have meditated in several positions: on my back, careful not to do it when I am too tired, so I don’t fall asleep; sitting in a chair, careful to prop something under my feet as my legs are usually too short for my feet to be flat on the floor; but, my favorite position is to sit on the floor, cross-legged, with a pillow under my hips. I have tried all sizes and shapes of pillows looking to find the perfect fit. I hate it when, during meditation, my mind goes to my back hurting or my legs falling asleep. That is, until the buckwheat meditation pillow! It forms to my bum, while giving support to lift my hips just enough to keep my spine in line.

So, let’s try a little meditation. Sit comfortably, hands on knees or thighs, palms up to receive. Let’s close our eyes and notice our inhale and exhale. Imagine a warm, white light hovering your head. On the inhale, the warm, white light enters your body through the top of your head. On the exhale, whatever is dark in side your body is being pushed out through your feet by the warm white light. Each inhale bringing in more light. Each exhale pushing more dark out of the body. Repeat until the warm, white light is filling your body. You can feel the warm. You are glowing from the inside out. This light is protective and positive. Each breath makes the light stronger and brighter. When you feel as though you can sustain the light inside you, you may open your eyes. Realize that the light cannot be contained in your body and you will be sharing it with everyone you encounter throughout your day.

How do you meditate?

Do you like this meditation?





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