Goals vs. Intentions

23 07 2012

We are almost half way through the year. How are you doing on your New Year’s resolutions for 2012? Have you accomplished what you set out to achieve? Are you moving closer to your goals? If you are struggling with what you thought the New Year would bring or gave up on what you hoped would be, maybe you are like me and have confused your intentions with your goals.

It is a good idea to have goals that map out your desires. They require a plan and the discipline to follow through with the plan to make them real. As you proceed and work the plan, you begin to live your life in the future. If you reach your goal will you be happy? What if your efforts do not produce the ideal plan you had in mind? Do you start to doubt yourself? Do your dreams become unattainable? Will that make you unhappy?

Now, let’s look at intentions. When I think of my intentions, it is more about how I am living right now, this moment. Am I the type of person I want to be? Am I acting, speaking, thinking like that person? I want to live every day by the human values I believe to be important. When I focus on my intentions I am motivated to achieve my goals. Don’t get me wrong, there are times that I become side-tracked from my plan and react in an undesirable way. This is when I need to refocus and feel my intentions to help create my future, even when it is different than I had originally planned.

It is an ongoing practice for me to live in the moment. But, when I am in touch with my intentions, I am more successful in reaching my goals. My desires and wants are not my focus. These goals are ever changing or may become another goal or may never achieved. It is my intentions that remain and give me peace of mind. I am not giving up on my goals nor am I trying to be perfect. My attempt is to let go of the competition, the judgments, and the expectations attached to those goals. This is my journey.

Tammy’s Challenges

Growth does not come from one perspective. To achieve a healthy lifestyle, you must do more than concentrate on exercise alone. Diet changes will enhance your wellbeing, but it alone is not healthy. Let’s not forget the soul or spirit. It needs nurturing as well. So, here are a few mind (diet) – body (exercise) – soul (mental) challenges for you to try.

Mind: Put your eating utensil down between every bite.

Body: Act like your inner child. Skip, ride a bike, go to the park.

Soul: Do something kind for someone else, anonymously.


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Namaste  (The spirit in me respects the spirit in you.)




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