Yoga Benefits Kids

24 09 2012

Whether you are a yogi or not, you have probably heard of the physical and mental benefits associated with a regular yoga practice. But we don’t usually think of kids doing yoga. Normally, the focus for children is on an organized sport or other activity. Consider this: children are born natural yogis. The younger the joints and muscles the more flexible and supple they are. Starting yoga at a young age can promote a healthy attitude toward physical activity while enhancing their physical development.

As in any yoga class, students are encouraged to safely explore their body’s natural strength and flexibility. Students will improve muscle strength and increase balance and elasticity. They become more aware of their body, which will help in other sports by enhancing their neuromuscular coordination. This should help to reduce the possibility of sprains and fractures.

The knowledge of the postures during a regular practice enhances a child’s concentration. Yoga is considered a form of meditation. The ability to sit still and focus helps to aid in avoiding outside distractions. This skill follows the student off the mat and into the classroom to boost attention span and help with their studies, leading to the feelings of success and increased self-esteem.

The increase in body awareness boosts confidence in the child’s healthy body image. As they grow to believe in their abilities, their choices in other areas of their busy, active lives are affected positively. Their lives become less stressful, helping them to find a balance. A yoga practice provides a general feeling of well-being.

Children are working at high levels of expectations from many areas of life: family, school, sports, etc. The stress can make it hard not to become depressed when they fail. Yoga helps to quiet the mind, helping to put things in perspective. The breathing techniques practiced during yoga can be referred to anytime they are feeling anxiety.

Yoga is a wonderful complement to other sports training. The postures and stretching help to prevent injury and improve coordination needed in their activities. Plus, the non-competitive environment is positive and supportive creating a feeling of trust.

Children are more flexible and agile than adults, so the earlier you get kids started on to yoga, the more benefits they gain.

Tammy’s Challenges

Mind: No computer, TV, reading, etc. while eating; notice texture, smell, taste, etc.

Body: Take the stairs.

Soul: Block time on your calendar to do something for yourself.

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