23 01 2013

I have a stone sitting on the night stand beside our bed. The night stand is on my side of the bed and the stone sits just in front of my alarm clock. Before hopping into bed, I check to make sure my alarm is set and touch the stone.

My mom bought the stone for me at the Yellow Springs Street Fair years before I was married, when the street fair really was a street fair. Mom was someone I could call on a whim to venture somewhere new. We did this many times to check out a museum exhibit, a little festival, or a new small independent business that sparked an interest.

I felt I was the child that didn’t quite fit into the mold that I thought was expected. But, Mom always kept an open mind to my inspired side. When she shopped for presents for me, she said she would pick out the thing that was least like her and knew I would love it. Every once in awhile I would come up with an idea to “create” a dress for my doll or a skirt for myself, since I could not find the one pictured in my mind in a store. Mom would let me take over the dining room table for weeks as I sewed my patterns into masterpieces.

Somehow Mom talked Dad into letting me continue with my creative side as I grew. In high school, I had the bright idea to take the mattress and box springs off my bed frame and put them on the floor. I hung beads in my bedroom doorway, a tapestry across the ceiling and painted flowers on the walls. It was my sanctuary during my teen years and it was awesome.

I am sure Mom wondered where I came up with some of my crazy ideas, but I don’t remember her making me feel that way. That is probably why I am still attempting to put my dreams into reality. I still believe it is possible.

The stone sitting on my night stand is a wishing stone. I think more of it as a gratitude stone. Each night before we hop into bed, I touch the stone and then John and I tell each other something we are thankful for that happened that day. I believe it puts our thoughts on a positive tone before going to sleep and hopefully to start the next day.

During this holiday season, being thankful for family and friends is more in the forefront. I feel my gratitude stone helps me to be aware of all I have to be thankful for each day of the year. Thanks, Mom.

Tammy’s Challenges

Mind: Find a stone or other trinket to put in your pocket or touch daily to remind you to be thankful.

Body: Start one new daily habit that is good for you: drink enough water, get enough sleep, etc.

Soul: Pay attention to others. Could they use a smile, a touch, a listening ear?

I would love to hear from you.  Contact me through email at and Facebook at TammYoga and Twitter @TammYoga.





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