Next yoga class starts July 29th. Regist

7 07 2015

Next yoga class starts July 29th. Register today! Next 8-week yoga se

22 06 2015 Next 8-week yoga series begins July 29th at Harmony Farm. Reserve your spot! Looks like a new Powe

20 06 2015 Looks like a new Power Yoga playlist has begun. Goosebumps! Any other suggestions for the playlist?

Complimentary Medical Intuitive / Life C

19 06 2015

Complimentary Medical Intuitive / Life Coaching sessions are going fast! Schedule yours TODAY!

Medical Intuitive and Law of Attraction

31 05 2015

Medical Intuitive and Law of Attraction Coaching, 10a-2p, Saturday, June 27th 10a-2p at Harmony Farm

Complimentary Medical Intuitive and/or L

17 05 2015

Complimentary Medical Intuitive and/or Law of Attraction Coaching sessions June 27th at Harmony Farm.

Yoga class updates; new yoga class in Ma

2 02 2015

Yoga class updates; new yoga class in March; Personal Training, Reiki at TammYoga!