I’ve been practicing yoga with Tammy for almost two years. She does an amazing job at implementing new poses and flows while still working on the basics to provide a well-rounded, challenging yoga experience every time. She’s great at tailoring the class to each skill level and making everyone feel comfortable. My practice has come a long way since starting with Tammy, and I truly enjoy each class I have with her. — Ann H.


The relaxing of the Reiki – I could feel my body responding. Then, to have the Medical Intuition afterwards was very much a help to me. Reaffirmed what I was feeling. But, it also helped me to acknowledge something in my past that I had suppressed. I now know where I need to work on “me”. Thank you, Tammy — Donna


Feel very challenged. Enjoy the small (yoga) class and personal guidance on techniques. — KW


I liked most the increased flexibility I’ve gotten. First time I wasn’t sure what to expect. Enjoyed the relaxation. Would take the class again! Thanks, Tammy! — Cinda D.


After my Reiki / Medical Intuitive session, I felt at peace with life and was able to let my healing progress at it’s own pace. — Irene


I learned that yoga is so much more than great exercise.

I learned that your body, mind and soul are not different entities at all. They are intertwined like the roots of a tree. If one is not well, the others soon will be unwell, too.

With yoga, I set out on a journey to meet a stranger…Me. What I found was a person who thought of herself as a victim. However, as my muscles strengthened, so odd my resolve. I am slowly becoming the woman I am meant to be.

Plus, I learned to bend and stretch in ways I never thought possible, I gingerly dared to forgive my childhood ghosts and (yes) myself.

I learned that it is not weakness to cry, but a release of fear and pain – one hot tear at a time.

I also learned to express love and joy like a child.

I learned to test my own limits and not those put upon me by others. Sixteen years ago I had, what was deemed an unsuccessful back surgery. Refusing further surgeries and narcotics, I was put on a cocktail of ten pain pills daily. Today I am drug-free.

I still have a long way to go, but with yoga and Tammy’s watchful eyes, my journey will continue. Thank you, Tammy. Words could never express how grateful I am. Don’t change a thing. Namaste — Heike S.


My Reiki session is still happening. Your healing hands are still working on me. Each day I am feeling my zest coming back. It had been dormant. And my Medical Intuitive reading afterwards was the cherry on top! —Sally M.


Tammy is an excellent Yoga teacher. Excellent instruction during class. She weaves her own inspiration into class making yoga a wonderful experience. —Angela M.


I liked that each session was unique in the types/combination of movements and poses. I enjoyed learning more about other aspects of yoga beyond the poses. Nice balance between pushing us a little farther each week and then allow rest and stretching. Didn’t get overwhelmed but was definitely challenged. —Cheri D.


I have enjoyed the educational portion of the sessions; i.e., the chakras, the various aspects of the yoga path, as well as the postures themselves. The flow of the postures is appealing. I’ve also enjoyed the energy of our space, along with the energy of our group. No improvements necessary; it works for me just the way it is. —Susan D.


Tammy’s yoga class has changed my life. Not only do I sleep better, but I feel more flexible and stronger, even after a short time. Not only do I like the Heath benefits, but she teaches us about the philosophy of yoga. Her class is good for mind, body and soul! — Susan F.

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