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January 2018

Maybe someone told you that you would be a good teacher, or maybe you feel this calling to share your love of yoga with others. Or, maybe you simply love to learn and want to grow your own practice. Whatever the reason you feel compelled to consider teacher training, we encourage you to explore this interest as it will enable you
to grow in so many ways.
The Find Your Edge Yoga Teaching Training Program, a registered school through Yoga Alliance, is built on a new model of training and development. While many competing programs in the marketplace require extensive times in the classroom with minimal time between sessions, this program has been carefully tailored to meet a variety of learning styles. Although there is required in-person training hours, students are able to cater their program to include educational time between sessions with online activities, ensuring consistency of concepts and greater exploration of the themes discussed.

The Find Your Edge Yoga Teaching Training Program differs from most competing schools as it incorporates modern educational learning tools, styles and flexibility. Key features of the Find Your Edge Yoga program include:
VARIETY: Exposure to a variety of yoga styles as compared to many programs rooted in one particular yoga lineage. Students will learn different styles of yoga but also experience it through partnerships with a wide-range of local studios.
MENTORING: Consistent, ongoing mentoring from lead teacher throughout the program and then at the 3, 6 month and 12 month period after graduation.
FLEXIBLITY: You have a life! The program schedule offers flexibility including the option to make-up sessions missed due to illness or family/work commitments.
BALANCE! Still having a balanced life is at the top of the list for many interested in becoming a teacher. While in-person training is mandatory to earn certification through Yoga Alliance, and necessary as so many concepts are best learned in-person, there are many topics that can be discussed using an online discussion board, phone conference and other online tools between in person sessions. This new model requires 2-3 hours of time a week (including completing the necessary readings), but limits time sitting in a classroom away from work and family.
THE REST OF THE STORY: This program goes beyond learning poses, cueing and sequencing to a broad-based education on yogic philosophy, Ayurveda, yoga for special populations (those with chronic pain, seniors, kids, pregnancy, etc.) and the business of yoga.
Find Your Edge Yoga was founded in 2014 by Kimberly Kayler, e-RYT 200, RYT® 500. A former marathon runner, Kimberly was drawn to yoga as complimentary workout on her off days. She soon discovered that yoga wasn’t simply a way to work her body, but to heal her mind and soul. After learning about how yoga was being used to help our veterans heal from PTSD and traumatic brain injury, she decided to become a teacher as a way to honor her father, a retired Army Colonel. A graduate of a 100 hour training program that specializes on working with veterans as well as others with chronic pain and/or depression, she then went on to 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) as
well as her 500 RYT certification through YogaFit. Her 500 RYT program specialized in restorative, Ayurveda, and yoga for athletes. She also has extensive training in yin yoga, is Crossfit Mobility certified, and is a certified PiYo instructor.
Why Find Your Edge? Because that is what this is all about…finding your edge in a pose, maybe physically,maybe mentally – hopefully both. Kimberly believes that yoga is for everybody but it is key to find the right yoga for each person and meet people where they are on the mat. She is known for being supportive and truly customizing each class to each person, no matter how many people may be in the room. Her passion for teaching is evident.
Kimberly developed the Find Your Edge Yoga Education Teaching Training Program
as she saw a need in the marketplace for a different education model. Many students
graduate from programs but due to lack of mentoring or maybe exposure to only one
style of yoga or lack of understanding of special populations, don’t feel qualified to
teach. Still others struggle to become teachers because of the way to program is
structured. Building on her experience as an adjunct professor at Columbus State as
well as owner of a nationally–recognized public relations firm since 2001, Kimberly
has developed this teacher training program using online tools as well as educational
philosophy that responds to all learning styles.
Kimberly Kayler, e-RYT 200, RYT® 500
Find Your Edge Yoga, LLC

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